Transforming Lives through Art-Making

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BuildaBridge International
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Slide 1: BuildaBridge, transforming lives through art-making Slide 2: Based in Philadelphia, BuildaBridge is an arts education and intervention organization. Our mission engages creative people and the transformative power of art-making to bring hope and healing to individuals and communities in need. BuildaBridge envisions a world where art-making fosters resilience, self-efficacy and hope-infused visions for the future. Slide 3: The BuildaBridge Safe Spaces ModelTM is a trauma-informed, strength-based and person-centered pedagogy used in all BuildaBridge programming. Slide 4: BuildaBridge provides: direct services for youth & adults, professional development, consultation and research Slide 5: Orchestral Dialogues: Accepting Self; Accepting Others teaches youth deep listening and conflict resolution through musical performance.. Slide 6: The Refugee Project serves our newest neighbors through a multi-disciplinary art-making experience. Slide 7: PhilaSing is an adult community choir, bringing people together across socio-economic, racial, gender backgrounds and more. Slide 8: BuildaBridge customizes programming to meet our partners’ needs. Art-making is a cost-effective, wholistic and deeply meaningful way to address the difficulties of life and the tools to overcome them. Slide 9: Help transform lives through art-making Slide 10: Slide 11: Slide 12: Slide 13:
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