The Hongkong Prize and the Hong Kong Film Awards

The Hongkong Prize Literary Competition draws writers from around the globe. It provides authors who are inspired by Asian culture and history an incredible opportunity to share their writing with readers; top ten finalists receive cash awards, shopping vouchers, and F&B perks during an award ceremony ceremony; anyone planning on entering should read all rules thoroughly prior to entering.

This award seeks to recognize excellence in research conducted by young Fellows of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine on any subject relevant to clinical practice and medical research, including biomedical research. Furthermore, it promotes biomedical development while simultaneously elevating HKA as a centre of scientific discovery.

White Light Studio of Bangkok will also provide post-production services worth an in-kind prize of HK$25,000 in market equipment rental service value – this in-kind prize must be redeemed through colour grading services to redeem this prize.

The Hong Kong Film Awards are widely considered one of the premier prizes in cinematic history, judged by an independent jury who are completely free from sponsorship or committee influence. They are presented each April.

In order to be eligible, films must satisfy two of the following criteria: They must have been produced in Hong Kong; their director and six crew members must reside here; they must feature a local theme.

Team awards can be an excellent way to acknowledge and motivate team members’ contributions, inspiring them to continue excelling at work. Judging processes are rigorous yet fair; winners are awarded substantial prizes that can help them meet their career goals more quickly – so finding the ideal award is essential to helping your team excel!

This art competition invites students to delve into the topic of “Our Changing World”. Open to secondary school students across Hong Kong, this competition gives participants an opportunity to interpret this theme in their own unique ways and showcase various aspects of global evolution that pertain to society, culture, or technology. Shortlisted artworks may explore any number of aspects related to global progression – be they socially, culturally or technological.

Derek Tsang’s China-set bullying drama Better Days triumphed at the Hong Kong Film Awards with three out of the four top prizes. Actors Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee received standing ovations for their gritty performances as Zhou Dongyu was honored for portraying an elderly gay man, while Tai Bo received praise as well for playing an elderly gay character. Due to an ongoing pandemic in mainland China, this year’s awards ceremony was postponed until 14 February 2020 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre under Lui Che-woo’s direction. Other winners included Ang Lee’s heartwarming drama Oldboy and Wong Kar-wai’s family drama Sword of Destiny. Over 2,000 guests attended this ceremony broadcast by RTHK, TVB and CRHK with many previous award winners and nominees as guests.

By cbacfc
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