The Singapore Literature Prize Adds Three New Categories

Singaporeans or permanent residents may now submit entries for the 2024 Singapore Literature Prize (SLP) in three new categories. This marks the first time since 2014 that new categories have been added; SLP is a biennial book award which recognizes publishing excellence across Singapore’s four official languages.

This year’s prize has just announced its finalists and the winner is scheduled to be revealed in November. These prizes aim to celebrate and support individuals or teams working toward making our world better through work or commitment to social change, with winners receiving up to $1 Million as grants to cover research, development and launch of their project.

Last year’s top winner was Daryl Pei Xiang Koh, better known by his online gaming moniker of Iceiceice, who earned $1.8 Million as prize money for performing in Dota 2 tournaments held in Singapore. His performance bested that of Jeng Yih Wong (second place), who only garnered $231 Thousand. Iceiceice has thus become Singapore’s highest-earning Dota 2 player ever!

Dota 2 is one of the world’s most-played video games and dominates Singapore with over 10 million registered players worldwide. Its success in Southeast Asia can be attributed to a large pool of gamers competing in regional and international Dota 2 tournaments for prize money; many users also engage in playing Dota 2 as a form of exercise.

Gaming can offer both physical and mental health advantages, helping develop skills like strategy, concentration and problem-solving while managing stress more effectively. Playing Dota 2 could be just the thing to help both your mental and physical wellbeing!

Singapore law makes prize promotions and competitions legal, though you should be mindful that there are rules and regulations governing these activities, as well as tax implications for companies or individuals participating. Furthermore, it’s crucial that participants understand any associated risks when gambling.

An effective civil society relies on citizens who are committed to their communities and willing to put the common good ahead of individual desires at key moments, which is why the Harvard Prize Book recognizes and encourages altruism among young people, particularly in difficult circumstances. It features biographies of 48 Nobel laureates, 32 heads of state, 49 Pulitzer Prize winners as well as key readings by these awardees as a great resource on altruism and civil societies – you can purchase this book directly online from their website!

By cbacfc
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