The Regressive Side of Lottery

Lotteries are a form of gambling wherein individuals pay small sums of money in order to have the chance at winning large prizes at random. Lotteries are generally run by state governments and popular worldwide. Prizes range from cash, goods and services; profits often fund education projects. The term lottery itself derives from Middle Dutch lot (meaning fate or destiny) used as far back as 15th century Europe to describe events whose outcomes depended solely on chance or luck.

Lotteries are hugely popular due to their huge jackpots, which often reach seemingly unfathomable sums. Attracting millions of players, these massive prizes drive profits for Lottery games as sponsors gain exposure and publicity. Unfortunately, though, the chances of actually winning can be dauntingly small — statistically there is more of a chance of being struck by lightning or becoming a billionaire than winning a lottery; plus these addictive lotteries may create serious financial issues should one be fortunate enough to emerge victorious!

Recently, the Lottery industry has seen its message evolve away from its regressive roots to one focused on fun. Unfortunately, this has served to disguise its true nature – how it makes poorer people even worse off – while lottery commissions tend to exaggerate benefits they raise for states, leading people into thinking that not only are they having fun playing Lotteries but that their efforts also are helping improve others lives simultaneously.

Most of the winnings go back to participating states, where they can decide how best to spend it. Some use it for gambling addiction treatment centers and recovery, while others put it into general funds in order to cover budget shortfalls or improve roadwork/bridge projects. Still others use it in programs for seniors such as free transportation or rent rebates.

Lotteries provide money to charities within communities, which has helped reduce poverty and improve quality of life in some parts of the nation. Indeed, in major cities you might even see homeless people selling lottery tickets for a living! People say it helps them relax after a hard day’s work and reduces stress levels, giving them something fun and exciting to look forward to each time results come in. By dreaming of being Free From Working For Someone Else they may also achieve their lifelong ambitions! Lotteries play an invaluable role in society; making our lives better by giving us access to luxurious houses, travel opportunities and charitable donations. They give people hope of owning something better in life through lottery. This lottery makes life better!

By cbacfc
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