DOGS-East- K9 Search and Rescue

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DOGS-East, Inc
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Transcript for DOGS East video 0:00 A photo of a Yellow Lab searching over the bow of a boat "13 Incredible K9s" 0:04 A group photo of the DOGS East team. "A team of devoted Handlers" 0:09 A photo of a handler and a Black Lab searching the woods. "Over 60 searches each year" 0:14 A photo of tire tread "100,000+ miles driven annually. 2500+ hours training" 0:18 A photo of a handler and a Poodle searching in the woods, in the rain "In the rain" 0:23 A photo of four handlers and a Border Collie searching in the snow "In the snow" 0:28 A photo of a backpack with radio, GPS, compass, hiking boots, uniform hat, and other gear next to a Black Lab in a search vest "$1000’s spent on gear and radios" 0:33 A photo of a Black Lab with a bandage on his leg "And Vet Bills" 0:37 A photo of members of a search operation with a boy who was lost. The boy was found by our K9 team. "To find the LOST and bring them HOME" 0:47 A photo of a DOGS East Search and Rescue patch on a work shirt "Be a part of saving a life."
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