Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

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Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
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"Man has created boundaries for race, religion, and culture. If we can get past that, we can realize that there is much more in life which connects us." Jeraldyn Blunden, Founder, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company [Photos of dance flash by] [DCDC Dancer, Sheri Williams, dances through a building] [Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders speaking] Jeraldyn Bluden was definatley a visionary. Our city was in need of what she had to offer. She let the majority community know that our talents, our skills were being under utilized and here is a way to be able to have voice and to be able to create something that could not only address the problems and concerns but also do it with a certain amount of class and style. [Crystal Michelle speaking] We could be talking about race, we could be doing work about gender, [Various DCDC dancers perform on stage] we could be doing work about politics; and just for a moment we have the undivided attention of an audiece where we kind of have to think about our position in the world. Dayton Dontemporary Dance Company profides educational outreach programs to our 25,000 students annually. Support DCDC through CFC #46010 Visit us at [Credits Play]
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