CFC Cause of the Week: Education

young kids looking at teacher's lesson

Lack of education is one of the biggest contributors to poverty. Around the world, approximately 114 million young people lack basic reading and writing skills. From books to uniforms, and school lunches to afterschool tutoring, it takes a community to build the next generation of leaders. Help give young people around the world the best chance to succeed by providing the educational support that they need – pledge to a CFC-supported, education-focused charity.

Here's how you can make an impact:

  • $10 buys 50 books for preschoolers in a metropolitan area.
  • $50 tutors a child in reading and writing for an entire year.
  • $240 provides a child with access to a computer skills class.

To download cause week social media graphics and website banners, visit our Cause Week Toolkit.

To read about what supporting education and youth means, read Support Our Children.

Date of Event: 
Monday, November 12, 2018 - 08:30