Catholics United for Life Youth Conference

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Catholics United for Life
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Catholics United for Life Youth Conference Video Transcript Music… “We invite young, dynamic, zealous religious who are here to give witness to their way of life. They’ve given up everything to see that radical decision for Christ. This Ignite Your Torch has a very strong pro-life theme. That’s a very important thing that the Church continue to proclaim the sacredness of life. 55 billion innocent lives since abortion was legalized in America. Let’s unite with Mary. Let’s do it tonight with our Rosary and our procession, praying for an end to abortion. Music…This conference really enables teens to work for the pro-life cause. It shows them that they can make a difference just by being a presence. We go out on Saturday morning to Planned Parenthood, and we pray all 15 decades of the Rosary. At some point to bring Christ, to bring his live, bring his mercy and peace at a place where there is so much fear, so much darkness. Music…
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