Day: May 12, 2024

Swimming in Hong Kong

Hong Kong residents have an abundance of public swimming pools to choose from when it comes to public swimming pools. Most new developments with multiple towers provide 50-metre pools plus smaller indoor ones, while smaller single tower pools may offer fun ways for children to burn energy, meet other kids, and exercise. Cost: Residents may pay $17 for three sessions daily from 6:30am-12:00, 1:00-6:00 and 7:00-10:00pm with children under 3 years free; lockers are also provided – insert a HK$5 coin (refundable) into one in order to gain entry; bring your own padlock if desired!

Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced all government-managed swimming pools will reopen on Thursday if they pass all necessary filtration and sterilisation tests. They advise swimmers to wear face masks when entering the pools as a safeguard, particularly near water sources.

Problematic is that only 40 of 600 seasonal lifeguards in the city have shown up so far for work this season. To address the crisis, various measures have been introduced such as increasing pay and recruiting lifeguards with two-year contracts; but admits reopening public beaches and pools fully is unlikely this year.

Public swimming pools have also closed lanes or facilities used for swim instruction, leading to some classes being cancelled. According to Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union reports, 20 of Hong Kong’s 45 public pools had informed swimming clubs they could no longer operate all facilities – though no explanation was given as to why this decision was made.

Studies at the University of Maryland have recently demonstrated how swimming can lower blood pressure, enhance cardiovascular endurance, increase bone density and alleviate depression and anxiety while simultaneously strengthening immunity and even decreasing dementia risk. Swimming has become the world’s most beloved sport – an estimated one billion people participate in some form, according to the International Swimming Federation.

Swimming offers many benefits for Hong Kongers of all ages and it is vital that we don’t neglect this great activity. Swimming can keep us fit and healthy as well as being relaxing; so make sure you get out and swim this summer.

This article was developed by Amy Wong and Sophia Li from Hong Kong Magazine’s Contributing Editorial team and edited by Alice Yue.

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