Where There's a Wish, There's a Way

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Make-A-Wish Georgia
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00:00 [Music] 00:02 to a child battling a critical illness a 00:05 wish can feel like a dream but with your 00:12 help it isn't out of reach 00:15 [Music] 00:16 wishes are an important part of medical 00:19 treatment 00:23 a chance for kids to see themselves 00:25 stronger 00:27 braver 00:30 [Applause] 00:31 not afraid of this guy 00:34 to see that the impossible is possible 00:39 [Music] 00:42 wishes can give kids the strength to 00:45 fight 00:47 to get better to grow up where there's a 00:57 wish there's a way
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