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SCRIPT: “SAVE” Save the polar bears. (SCREENS WITH SQUARES OF NAMES OF POLAR BEARS, BEES, OCEANS, GLACIERS, PARKS, ETC.) Save the oceans. Save national lands and parks. Save our farmland, pollinators, and the very air we breathe. It seems like a lot to save. What can one person do? (SCREENS WITH IMAGES OF PEOPLE) Let’s make this easy: When you give here: (SHOT OF PAYCHECK, SHOTS OF PEOPLE IN VARIOUS WORK ENVIRONMENTS) You’re helping them: (SCREEN WITH LOGOS OF CFC PARTICPATING NGOS) You donate these at work: (SHOT OF PENNIES) And we make these projects work. (SHOTS OF CHARITY PROJECTS: COASTAL CLEANUP, SOLAR FARM, FARMLAND, WILDLIFE REHABILITATION, ETC.) Saving these (POLAR BEARS) And these (OCEANS) And these (NATIONAL PARKS) And these (BEES) And these (GLACIERS, FORESTS, OCEANS, PRAIRIES, STEPPES…) And of course, these (KIDS) All while saving this (EARTH) It’s easy: Share a little of this. (PENNIES ON TOP OF A PAYCHECK) Save a lot of this. (QUICK CUT OF FACES. ANIMALS, LANDSCAPES, OCEANS, UNTIL A SHOT OF KIDS AT THE END.) Protect Nature while you work. Visit the CFC pledge portal today. (CLOSING SCREEN: EARTHSHARE LOGO, CFC LOGO)
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