Operation Warm- Coats for Kids in Need

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Operation Warm
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Video Title throughout: “Charity Number 53047” Title Slide “Operation Warm is a national nonprofit that provides, warmth, confidence and hope to children in need through the gift of brand new winter coats.” Audio Lively instrumental music plays throughout Video Volunteers interacting with children getting new coats Dick Sanford the Founder speaking about Operation Warm Girl modeling coat in hallway Boy modeling coat in hallway Audio Dick Sanford voice over video: “You see this child that comes into the room and is somewhat intimidated, but leaves with a smile and happiness, and if that child’s self-esteem is impacted in a positive fashion, if they can just think about maybe there’s somebody out there that loves me, how do we know how that impacts them for the rest of their lives?” Video Aquabah Gooney, School Administrator being interviewed. Students walking with teacher Audio School Administrator: “Our kids come to school sometimes in just sweaters, just pullover hoodies, so this was amazing.” Video Kids playing on the playground in their new coats Charmine Burks School Councilor being interviewed Audio School Counselor: “The fact that you know the kids were warm some of them just hugged them and said oh it just feels so good. It was just absolutely great for them to feel that somebody cared about them, and brought them something they could really use.” Video Mariah Elementary school student who received a coat being interviewed Audio Student: “When you have on a coat and see that a whole bunch of people come out to give you coats it makes your heart feel warm. Yeah.” Video Title Slide: Charity Number #53047 CFC logo Show Some Love Logo Operation Warm logo operationwarm.org
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