NICU Miracle Babies | Triplets in Trouble Push Through

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Loma Linda University Medical Center
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[00:00:00.03] (gentle music) [00:00:02.01] My name is Amber Tomlinson [00:00:03.06] and I have eight-year-old triplets. [00:00:05.04] They were born at 32 weeks. [00:00:07.05] And my son by far was the most sick. [00:00:09.06] He had NEC, which is necrotizing enterocolitis. [00:00:13.01] So part of the intestine became gangrenous. [00:00:15.04] They did a laparoscopic surgery on him [00:00:17.03] just to clean out the bowels, see what was going on. [00:00:19.06] They noticed the problem came back. [00:00:21.01] I go on ahead and sign the consent form [00:00:22.09] to have a second surgery and that's the point [00:00:24.06] where they removed part of his intestines. [00:00:27.00] So he spent a total time of four months in the hospital. [00:00:30.02] The nurses were absolutely amazing. [00:00:32.01] They would call me multiple hours during the day. [00:00:34.08] They would send me pictures, give me updates. [00:00:36.07] So they made the experience a lot easier to deal with [00:00:40.01] in the face of adversity. [00:00:41.08] They are eight years old now with no lingering issues. [00:00:44.07] They've very active. [00:00:45.08] They do swimming and they're in gymnastics. [00:00:48.08] Healing is allowing yourself to experience a range [00:00:51.05] of emotions and to know that the Lord is with you. [00:00:57.04] (upbeat music)
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