Each year, a network of thousands of federal employees work together to implement the campaign and inspire their colleagues to Show Some Love to the charities that mean the most to them. You are taking on a valuable role with a powerful community of caring that raises millions of dollars to help people in need each year. The work you do is critical to the success of this effort.

You will be working together to ensure that every federal employee is informed about the opportunity to give through the campaign, and those efforts will bring help and hope to millions of people.

Service as a campaign worker is also a fantastic opportunity to network within your organization, increase your visibility, and hone your skills in management, strategic planning, creativity, problem solving, time management, and more.

The resources and information you’ll find here are tools you can use to conduct an extraordinary campaign. Thank you for serving as a leader for the CFC.


Sept. 10 – Anticipated Opening of the Online Pledge Portal

Nov. 27 – Giving Tuesday
Help make this the single largest online donation day of the campaign by making an online gift.

Dec. 5 – International Volunteer Day
Pledge to donate your time by volunteering with a participating charity and share your volunteer experiences.

Jan. 11, 2019 – Original Last Day to Give

Feb. 22, 2019 - Extended! Last Day to Give


Cause of the Week: Disaster Relief
Oct. 1 - 7

Cause of the Week: Women & Girls
Oct. 8 - 14

Cause of the Week: Eradicating Poverty
Oct. 15 - 21

Cause of the Week: Cancer Awareness
Oct. 22 - 28

Cause of the Week: Animal Welfare
Oct. 29 - Nov. 4

Cause of the Week: Veterans
Nov. 5 - 11

Cause of the Week: Education
Nov. 12 - 18

Cause of the Week: Hunger & Clean Water
Nov. 19 - 25

Cause of the Week: Global Health
Nov. 26 - Dec. 2

Cause of the Week: Persons with Disabilities
Dec. 3 - 9

Cause of the Week: Military Support
Dec. 10 - 16

Cause of the Week: Arts & Culture
Dec. 17 - 23

Cause of the Week: Housing & Shelter
Dec. 24 - 30

Cause of the Week: Human Trafficking Prevention
Dec. 31 - Jan. 6

Cause of the Week: Environmental Protection
Jan. 7 - 13