Application Process

In accordance with Executive Order 12353, voluntary health and welfare organizations can apply to solicit charitable contributions from Federal employees and members of the uniformed services at their places of employment or duty. These solicitations take the form of the annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)-the world's largest and most successful workplace giving campaign to which all nonprofit organizations recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under 26 U.S.C. §501(c)(3) are eligible to apply. 

Now Open!

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) charity online application system is now open to accept applications for the 2018 CFC campaign. Please go to to submit your application. NEW application deadline is February 16, 2018. 


This is an image of the first page of the charity application BriefingHow to attend: Join us for our on-demand briefing sessions to learn more about the 2018 Combined Federal Campaign application process and get prepared to submit your application.

1. Simply click on the image or go to 2018 CFC Charity Application Briefing

2. Complete the registration questions then click on view to view the briefing.

This briefing is provided as a supplement and does not replace the official OPM-approved CFC Charity Participation PowerPoint and videos. For training on how to complete the CFC application, charities should view the official OPM application training videos at:

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Customer Care at [email protected] or 888-232-4935. If you have any policy questions, please contact OPM at [email protected] or 202-606-2564.


CFC application training videos are available via the link below, and will also be posted on OPM’s website. 


  1. All organizations must apply each year whether they are required to provide a full application or a verification application.

  2. All organizations must pay the application fee whether they provide a full application or a verification application.

  3. Providing a verification application does not mean your organization has been automatically approved for participation in that campaign.

  4. All approved organizations must pay the listing fee to be included on the CFC Charity List. Listing fees are due prior to the start of the fall campaign. OPM will notify approved charities of the listing fee deadline in the summer.


clipboard clip artOPM is no longer conducting courtesy completeness reviews of applications. Charities are encouraged to utilize the Completeness Review Checklist to ensure that the application meets CFC eligibility requirements. Do not submit the checklist to OPM. Listed below are Completeness Review Checklists for Independent and Member Organizations, Federations and FSYA/FSYP/MWR organizations. The checklists will also be available via the online Charity Application.

Completeness Review Checklist for Independent and Member Organizations

Completeness Review Checklist for Federations

Completeness Review Checklist for FSYA FSYP MWR Organizations


For more information, please visit the CFC Charity Administration Center.